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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

The tutorials contained below are all copyright to colour_by_numbers designs. They may be used on lists providing you first ask permission, you can do this by contacting me at:

No part of any tutorial including screen shots may be copied without my permission.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create each tutorial, including: writing, capturing and resizing screenshots for quicker downloading, as well as creating backgrounds to display the tutorials; so that you may follow the tutorials to create and design your own images. Please do not claim any as your own.

Thank You

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Paint Shop Pro 7

The Basics

Enhancing your standard tool bar for shortcuts.

Feathered Selections

Creating graphics to blend with backgrounds.

Gradient Satins

Creating your own basic satin-look backgrounds.

A Simple Gift

Creating a gift in gif format.

Saving Gif's

Saving gif's without 'blotching'.


Making your own globe from scratch.

Animated Gif's

Giving your globe animation.

New Brushes

More than just a dot or square.

Make a brush

Creating your own brushes.

Curved Text

Putting your text on a wave line.

Shaped Text

Text aroubnd a circle.

Text Effects

Giving your text depth and texture.

Graphics Plus

My most used plugin.


Making a textured background.

Using Masks

How to apply masks to graphics.

Making Tubes

Learn to make your own tubed graphics.

Frosty Tag

Make your own signature tag.

Snow Tags

Create animated snow on a graphic.

Invitation Cards

Using selections to make a card and envelope.

Animated Water

Using Flaming Pears Flood to create animated water

Paint Shop Pro 8

The Basics

Enhancing your standard tool bar for shortcuts.

File Locations

Sharing your files between editions of PSP.

Angel Baby Sig Tag

Working in PSP8 and Animation Shop.

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For confirmation of copyright, these tutorials were first created
and shared with the PSP Class at Harmony of Souls webring during October,
November and December 2002.

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