The two butterfly tubes you see above took about 90 minutes to create from two separate photo's.


(Both photo's have been resized for this page)

Tubing can be time consuming - but the efforts of having your own original tubes are more than worth the effort.

Download the file from this page: Downloads You will find both pictures included for you to work with. Open the first 'butt1.jpg' in your PSP program.

Got to your layer palette and make the background a layer.

Select your lasso tool, and in your tool options box make it 'feather 1' and 'check' anti alias.

In sections, select areas of the background in the graphic and delete it as close to the butterfly as possible. See below:

Once you have only the butterfly with a narrow margin of the old background around it, you need to go to 'View | Zoom in by 5', make sure the graphic originally sat in the top right-hand corner of the program so you get to see as much of the expanded graphic as possible.

With your lasso tool you now need to get right against the edge of your butterfly and in sections go around it again, removing as much of the left over background as possible.

(before releasing the mouse button, this edge was right on the brown part of the wing - the feathering took it in by one pixel on release)

Continue this until you have wiped out all the pale pixels you can see, then add another layer and drag it beneath the butterfly. Flood fill this layer with black. (If creating a tube from a graphic with a dark background - use white as the bottom layer - to see any left over pixels) Any spots you may have missed around the edge will then show up for you to re-select and delete.

Go back to 'View | Normal Viewing' and look at your graphic again, now you will have an overview of the complete graphic,

if there's no white around the edges at all - delete the black layer.

With your magic wand (tool options set at 'Feather = 0') select around the outside of the butterfly, then go to 'Selections | Invert' so that there's a fin line of marching ants around the butterfly itself, then go to 'Image | Crop to Selection'.

Go to 'File | Export | Picture Tube' and name the butterfly.

Congratulations - you have now made your first picture tube. Go click on your Tubing tool, and search through the Tool Option box, you'll see it listed there alphabetically.

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