Once you click "Finish" the original Tools | Options | Compose box will reappear. You now need to click on "Select" and a window will appear with all of your current stationery files. You need to scroll through until you find "Kaysea-MeToYou". Once you find it, click on it and you will see the graphic and background appear in a little window to the right.

Click on the "Edit" button and your computer will bring up the HTML file in Notepad. (Don't panic! This is soooo easy!)

For this part, I created my copy of the stationery with the wrong font and size, so you will be able to see exactly what to change when you need to change something...ok? (I've also made the Notepad window smaller, so you dont' have to wait too long for it to download - so yours will look larger on your computer.)

This is what you should have in your notepad window.

Now I have to change the French Script to a more suitable font for this email. So I'm choosing "Comic Sans MS" and changing the font size to a more pleasing 10pt. To do this you highlight only the name or number, don't highlight the gaps between the punctuation marks, or the punctuation marks themselves. Type in the name of the font you wish to use. (For the sake of downloads, I won't show all the separate changes).

Now, to alter the background colour of the email, you need to know the colour code for the background of the graphic: #E2D0C6. This is the colour we will flood fill the background with. Below you will see the Notepad graphic with the body line highlighted, find this higlighted line in your copy of notepad.

Don't highlight the row - this is purely to help you find what you need.

Place your cursor directly next to the end of 'BODY' and then depress your space bar, this will give you the gap you need. Now type in the following: bgcolor="#E2D0C6". You should have a space before and after this entry, as in the diagram below:

Select your 'File' tab at the top of notepad, and 'Save'. You can close Notepad now, and then return to your little window in OE. Make sure that 'Kaysea-MeToYou' is still highlighted in the OE window, then click on 'OK'. The window will disappear, and then on the remaining window, click on 'Apply' then 'OK' and your stationery is ready to use.

Stationery 103

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