This tutorial will show you how to make sure your email program is set to send as well as recieve HTML/Stationery Emails - and then how to go about setting up your own stationery.

The different tutorials will show how to make use of different graphic formatting. Sounds confusing, but in reality it's easy. If you have a WYSIWYG program, you will be able to create email stationery that looks like a fancy celebration webpage. ;o)

Before we go anywhere though, let's make sure you can send your emails with stationery embedded, ok?

Okay! Open up your Outlook Express. (If you don't use Outlook Express, check under your 'Start | Programs' tab, and see if you have it on your PC). Most people who use Windows have the program installed, but some install Outlook or one of the other email programs. I find OE is lighter to use than other programs, version 6 is great to have even if its only used to create your stationery with the Wizard.

Along the top menu bar, you will see 'Tools' click on that, then on 'Options' and go to the 'Compose' tab. The following diagram is what you should see.

Look to the 'Mail Sending Format' and make sure that HTML is active. Then click on 'HTML Settings'.

On this new window, ensure that 'Send Pictures with Messages' is checked. 'Indenting' is your own preference, but it makes it easier to see where a replied to message is situated.

Once you have checked 'Send Pictures with Messages', you can click 'OK'. Returning to the main Options window, click 'Apply' then 'OK' and you are now set to recieve and send HTML messages.

Stationery 101

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