Find a christmas graphic you would like to create your sig tag from. Resize it until it is less than 250 x 250 px - and remember to Sharpen the graphic after resizing. Now go to 'Image | Canvas Size | 300 x 300 | Horizontally & Vertically Centered'.

Add a new layer - naming it text - and add your text to this layer. Move the graphic and text around the canvas until they are where you would like them. (If you want the snow to be on the writing as well you can merge this with the original graphic now). Make sure you still have a minimum of 10 pixels surrounding the graphci and text at this stage.

Open your layer palette and click on the small down arrow to hold the pallette open. Now duplicate the graphic layer and flood fill it with white. Move this layer to the top. And double click the layer in the layer pallette to open the layer properties box. Fill it in as in the diagram below.

The image below is what you should have now. But before you can go any further, hide the other layers, having only the snow layer visible, and then making sure this is the active layer, 'Layers | Merge | Merge Visible". You won't see any difference to the layer, but all the transparent selection is now truly transparent.

Now duplicate this layer and zoom in on the image. Using your mover tool, select one of the snow pixels and move it down and left a few pixels (no more than 5). Then duplicate this layer again, then 'Image | Rotate | 90o | Left' - you will now have your three snow layers.

With your magic wand, select the outside area of your sig graphic ( the bottom layer ) and going through the three snow layers hit the delete key of your keyboard and watch the snow disappear - now only visible on your graphic.

Name the three snow layers: 1, 2, and 3. 'Shift - D' twice to create two more images. Save these images now as 1.psp, 2.psp and 3.psp. Then go through and on:

    • 1.psp delete 2 & 3;
    • 2.psp delete 1 & 3; and,
    • 3.psp delete 1 & 2.

Go to 'Layers | Merge | Merge Visible' on all three images. You should now just have one layer in the Layer Palette for each image. Save all images again, now.

Go to 'File | JASC Software Products | Launch Animation Shop', once it is running go to 'File | Animation Wizard' and use the following settings as you go through each window that appears.

    • Same size as the first image - next
    • Transparent - next
    • Upper left corner of the frame & With the canvas color & Scale Frames to fit - next
    • Yes, repeat the animation indefinately & '20' - next
    • Click 'Add Image' and then find the folder you saved 1.psp 2.psp and 3.psp to, and depress shift as you select 3.psp and all will be selected - next
    • Click finish.

All images will appear on your screen, go to 'View | Animation' and there is your animation *G*. Now click the little 'Save' icon, and follow these prompts.

  • Save the image as "yournamestnick.gif" in your sigtag folder. (Mine is created as "C:\Sigs" on C drive not in my My Documents folder).

    Follow the prompts to the end of the saving process.

    Once this has been done, you are now ready to start using your animated Frosty - Congrats!

    Hope you enjoyed this tut and are pleased with your results.

    Tutorial © colour-by-numbers designs
    December 2002.
    All Rights Reserved