The sig tag I had made for me came on a white background so that the shadows could be seen, but as you will see I haven't included a shadow in this sig tag, so it can be used on any colour background made this way. To start off with - download the following:

Okay, open up your PSP program and open the frosty file you have just downloaded. Press shift-d to duplicate it and close the original.

Go to 'Image | Canvas Size' and increase the size to 400 x 400 pixels, making sure the image is horizontally and vertically centered.

Click on your shapes tool and go to the tool options box, scroll through until you find the snowflake in the images there. Click on it to select it then make sure you have 'vector' checked - but not 'anti alias' as it will give the graphic a dark shadow on all coloured backgrounds. Select a colour from the snowman pic and make it your background colour. This will fill the snowflake instead of outlining it.

Go to your snowman and just create the snowflake on that layer, if you want to make sure the dimensions are even, as you drag the cursor depress the 'shift' key. You should now have a vector shape of the snowflake in your chosen colour (name this layer in the layer palette the colour of the snowflake so you don't get confused). Go to 'Layers | Convert to Raster' - you'll notice you now have two layers in the layer palette - frosty and the colour of the snowflake.

Repeat this process twice more using different colours from the snowman graphic each time (and naming them by their colours), so you have three different coloured snowflakes. Remember to 'Convert to Raster' after each snowflake has been created.

Now using the 'Mover' tool - place the snowflakes where you'd like them to be positioned behind the snowman. Then go to the layer palette and drag frosty to the top of the list. Select the first coloured flake layer and go to 'Layers | Duplicate' then repeat this with the remaining two colours until you have two copies of each. I added a second copy of the aqua to mine. Now move these flakes down under the snowmans feet, to 'frame' him.

Once you have the flakes where you'd like them positioned, hide Frosty for a minute, activate one of your flake layers, go to 'Layers | Merge | Merge Visible'. Title this layer 'Base'.

Go to 'Effects | 3d Effects | Inner Bevel' and use the settings below:

Make Frosty visible and active again on the layer palette.

Now select your 'font' tool, and click on Frosty's heart. Choose your favourite font and colour then type in your message/name, usually the font would be added at approx 36px. and make sure you have both 'anti alias' and 'vector' checked in the font box. Hit enter and adjust the vector words to fit the heart.

Then go to 'Layers | Convert to Raster'.

Do the same with the small tag he is carrying, but make the font approx 10 px. For this part I would usually go to 'View | Zoom' so I can make sure the font fits in nicely. Using the vector for this part allows you to rotate the font without loosing quality.

Once you have the words where you want them 'Layers | Merge | Merge Visible', renaming the new layer as Frosty again. Merge all the visible layers now, so that they are one layer and name it 'Frosty Base'.

Add a new raster layer - go to 'Layers | Duplicate' so you have two layers above Frosty. Then add a third and drag it beneath him. Flood fill this bottom layer with black, so you can see the stars once they have been applied.

Hide Frosty now - by going to the layer palette and clicking on the little glasses icon. Now name the top two new layers "glitter 1" and "glitter 2"

Using your tubes tool, open the tool options box and find sparkle-cbn, it will look like a blank space in the tool option box. If you hover your mouse over the blank image the internal URL should show up and at the end sparkle-cbn.tub should be seen. Activate this and make sure the size is 75. Activate your 'glitter 1' layer and randomly add the large sparkle. Then do the same on 'glitter 2'.

Go back to the tool options box and make the size 50, then add more sparkles to both layers in the new size. Then once again change the size of the sparkle to 35, and add more to both layers. The more the merrier *G*.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of sparkle you have applied - make frosty visible again, you'll be able to see the occasional sparkle across your message and the coloured parts of the graphic.

It looks a mess right now - *LOL*.

Now using your magic wand on Frosty's layer, click anywhere around the graphic so that the ants march around the edge of the image and the border. Any larger spaces that occur between him and the flakes, press shift and click on those areas with the cursor so that as much of the blank area of the graphic has been selected.

Once you are happy that most of the blank area has been selected, activate the 'glitter 1' layer and hit your 'delete' key on your keyboard. You'll see some of the excess sparkles disappear. Now activate 'glitter 2' and do the same again, until there are now no sparkles showing outside of the main graphic. You will still see them appear on the flakes and frosty, but the rest of the 'canvas' should be black now.

On your layer palette delete the black layer, then activate Frosty' again. Using the magic wand select the outer area again and go to 'Selections | Invert' - then - 'Selections | Modify | Expand | 2' then 'Image | Crop to Selection' to get rid of the excess canvas.

Press 'shift-d' to duplicate the image you now have. Save the first as 1.psp and the second as 2.psp (just remember where you saved them to).

Now on 1.psp delete 'glitter 2' and on 2.psp delete 'glitter 1'.

Go to 'Layers | Merge | Merge Visible' on 2.psp and then repeat this for 1.psp. You should now just have one layer in the Layer Palette for each image. Save both images again, now.

Go to 'File | JASC Software Products | Launch Animation Shop', once it is running go to 'File | Animation Wizard' and use the following settings as you go through each window that appears.

  • Same size as the first image - next
  • Transparent - next
  • Upper left corner of the frame & With the canvas color & Scale Frames to fit - next
  • Yes, repeat the animation indefinately & '20' - next
  • Click 'Add Image' and then find the folder you saved 1.psp and 2.psp to, and depress shift as you select 2.psp and both will be selected - next
  • Click finish.

Both images will appear on your screen, go to 'View | Animation' and there is your animation *G*. Now click the little 'Save' icon, and follow these prompts.

  • Save the image as "yournamefrosty.gif" in your sigtag folder. (Mine is created as "C:\Sigs" on C drive not in my My Documents folder).

    Follow the prompts to the end of the saving process.

    Once this has been done, you are now ready to start using your animated Frosty - Congrats!

    Hope you enjoyed this tut and are pleased with your results. I'll have the Christmas Tree tut done by the middle of next week - with all the hints I was getting about this sig tag - I put the tree tut on hold. *LOL*

    Sig Tag Tutorial Idea Adapted from a Sig Tag by Kelly Grrl.
    Tutorial © colour-by-numbers designs
    December 2002.