Inserting Signature tags in email can be done one of two ways. You can either append your tag as a graphic to each and every email that goes out of your email program, or you can have it inserted automatically.

Regardless of whichever way you choose to insert a tag, you should keep them all in the one place/folder for easy access, giving each a name that will prompt you to remember what each is.

Inserting as a Picture

To insert as a graphic, simply go to 'Insert | Picture' at the top of the email itself, then browse for the appropriate 'tag' in your sig tag folder. You can make this centered, aligned tot he left of right simply by playing around with the paragraph alignment.

Formatting as a Signature File

To start with you will need to download the attached html file, and insert it into you sig tag folder on your hand drive.

The html file looks the same as the example below, the area's in red are the only parts you need to change, however save the file by the name of the graphic, so they are the same. IE: If your graphic is saved in your sig file as redanimegirl.jpg then your html file should be saved as redanimegirl.html so you know which Signature is which in the folder when you want to change them.

<img src="YOUR GRAPHIC NAME.jpg"> (No gaps in name!!)

<p> Proud Member of
<a href=""> Harmony of Souls</a>


This is what the sig will look like in your email: (I've inserted one of my own tags to show you)

Once you have saved the file with the correct changes, open your Outlook Express program.

In your main window of Outlook Express, go to your 'Tools' tab, and click it open, then scroll down to 'Options'.

You will see 10 tabs, the one you will need is 'Signature', click on that tab and open it.

Make sure you have 'Add Signature to All Outgoing Messages' ticked, then:

Click on 'New', then 'Rename' and title the Signature with the same name as the HTML and graphic file you created, then:

Because you have already created the signature file and saved it to a folder, you can simply go to the 'Browse' button at the bottom of the window and search for your sig tag folder. This can be created in either 'My Documents' or in C:\ drive as 'sigs'. For every graphic you have in the folder, you should create a separate .html file.

Once you have the correct html file chosen, click 'Apply' then 'OK'.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to .

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