All graphic files used in this tutorial - apart from the blue leather sample - have been optimized for faster download. The haziness of some of the graphics is due to the amount of optimization.

Now you have the stationery graphic, all you have to do now is insert it into your email client. Open up Outlook Express.

Now click on the following: 'Tools | Options | Compose | Create New'.

Once you're past the Wizard Opening page, you'll have the Browse option to find your graphic. Enter in the following details, inserting your stationery name where 'Kaysea - Blue Leather' appears, and tile it Vertically.

The wizard pages following this one, you will have seen before when doing the original stationery tut. Simply choose your font, font colour, font size and text positioning, then finally name the Stationery. And you have finished!

Congrats and Happy Emailing!

If there is anything you are not sure about - or you have a question - please .

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