All graphic files used in this tutorial - apart from the blue leather sample - have been optimized for faster download. The haziness of some of the graphics is due to the amount of optimization.

On the 200 x 250 image create a new layer 'Layers | New Raster Layer'. Then activate your marquee tool, and enter the following:

    Left 40
    Right 50
    Top 0
    Bottom 250
    Custom size and position - Checked

Flood fill this selection with the following colour #D4B970, then bevel 'Effects | 3D Effects | Inner Bevel' with the following settings:

Next 'Effects | Artistic Effects | Chrome' using the following settings:

Note: To obtain the gold effect as used in this background, (after adding the chrome effect) use the colour adjuster, 'Colors | Adjust | Hue-Saturation-Lightness' with the following settings:

Deselect, then duplicate this layer twice - naming the three bar layers 1, 2 and 3. ('Layers | Duplicate' - repeat)

Layer number 3 - 'Image | Mirror'.

Layer number 2 - move it across with your Moving tool, so that there is a small gap between the image on Layer 1 and the image on Layer 2, duplicate layer 2, then 'Image | Mirror' again on the copy of layer 2. You should now have four bars running vertically along your image. See below:

Hide the bottom layer (your used leather layer) then activate Layer 1, and 'Layers | Merge | Merge Visible'. Double click on the Marquee tool, and enter the following:

    Left 100
    Right 200
    Top 0
    Bottom 250
    Custom size and position - Checked

The area selected should be the third and fourth bar, 'Image | Mirror'. This will ensure all bars have the same shadow and highlight.

Copy and paste this layer into the 200 x 200 image, and once again it will be centered so that the top and bottom bevels don't appear. Merge visible layers.

You can now dispense with the 200 x 250 px image.

Create a new layer on the 200 x 200 image. Open up your font tool, and find Beautiful Caps in the list. Type in your initals, and choose a colour to compliment your border. Hit 'OK', and deselect the text onto the layer. Then 'Eidt | Cut' and 'Edit | Paste as New Layer'. This will position the text dead center of the image. This will increase your layers to three, delete the empty layer.

Now 'Image | Rotate' with the following settings: (ensuring 'All Layers' is not selected)

Once the text has been rotated, use 'Effects | 3D Effects | Cut Out' with the following settings:

To get the text to tile vertically, so that it is a perfect split, we use the Simple Filter plugin - 'Effects | Plugins | Simple | Top Bottom Wrap'. Use this once, and the initials will split and flip, so they sit top and bottom center of the image.


I added a brush graphic to the center of the image (in the background used here), and gave it a cutout effect - the choice is yours. 'Layers | Merge | Merge All'.

Add a new layer the your image and drag it (on the layer palette) below the Merged Layer. Increase your image size using the following settings:

Flood fill your new layer with the Leather pattern. Then, double click your layer on the Layer Pallette and decrease the opacity of this layer to 50%. Click 'OK', and your image should be almost see-through. You can now Merge All Layers and flatten your image.

Image cropped for viewing.

Save your Image to your My Documents 'Stats' folder.

Create the Stationery

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