We're coming up to Christmas (we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Oz - sorry) so I thought a nice header and set for your homepages may be in order. You can learn here, the way to create the image, then find a graphic you like and make your own - if you wish. Let's Go!

Download the painting below to your hard-drive - just remember where you placed it - you'll need it shortly.

Linda Hansons Teashop - © Linda Hanson

The Header Graphic

This header will give you all the graphics you need for a basic page set. And it should work in all of your Front Page/Dreamweaver WYSIWYG's for those who don't hand code their webpages ;o)

Open the graphic up in your PSP version.

Open your Layer Palette box, and right click on the 'Background' layer. Scroll down to the 'Promote to Layer' option and click on it.
Click on your rectangle selection tool in your tool bar, then open up your 'Tool Options Palette'.

If you have enabled your top tool bar to look like mine, click on the 'Toggle Rulers' to show your ruler guides along the top and left hand side of your image. Otherwise go to 'View' - 'Rulers'. (In the top toolbar.)

Find the following co-ordinates as demonstrated in the image below, and drag your selection tool across it to match (hold down your left mouse button while dragging) across 50 / down 50 and drag to across 350 / down 250. Release the mouse button and you will see the selection ants have travelled out a further 20 pixels in each direction.

(Images above have been cropped and shrunk to show side by side, for comparison)

Go up to your selections tab on the top tool bar of your program and click and scroll down to invert selection, then hit delete. This will remove unwanted portions of the image - as shown here..

Go to the image and right click to remove the ants (dotted lines).

Selecting your bucket fill tool, click on the top colour box, then using the eyedropper tool, hover over the graphic image and watch the colour palette on the left of the screen until you find the colour showing which you would like as a background - left click. This colour should now be in your foreground colour window, underneath the colour palette.

Click on 'Layers' on the top toolbar and select 'New Raster Layer'. Click 'OK' Then go to your Layer Pallete and click and hold with your left mouse button on 'Layer 2' and drag it down below 'Layer 1' then release. Layer 2 will now be below Layer 1.

Go to your 'Bucket fill tool' and flood fill 'Layer 2' with the colour you chose.

Go to 'Effects' (in the top toolbar) scroll down to 'Textures' then click on the little graphic box, and scroll down to number 34,(hover over the graphic there to see if it is called 'lava.bmp') or 35, if not hover over each graphic until you see lava.bmp at the end of the URL displayed. (I have added textures to my folder so it reads as #38 in my window.)
Use the following settings to achieve the effect.

Go to your layer palette and click on Layer 1, then go back to 'Effects' - 'Textures' and click 'OK'. This will give both foreground and background images the same effect.

Go to 'Selections' - and 'Select All'

Got to 'Selections' - 'Modify' - 'Contract' and contract by 1.

Go to 'Image' - 'Crop to Selection'.

(This is to make sure the depth of your graphic has been removed, otherwise you will have
a fine border around the header graphic and it will look roughly done.)

Go back to your Layer Palette and click on Layer 2 and drag it out of the Layer Palette and onto the main screen. A new image will pop up - with only the background available. Yes - it is too large, so here's the trick to resizing it while keeping it the same texture as the main graphic.

Double left click on the rectangle selection tool. And a box will appear, like the one here. >>>
Enter in the co-ordinates I have shown here and click 'OK'.

<<<<< The following image will appear.

Go to 'Image' in the top tool bar again, and scroll down to 'Crop to Selection'. You will then have an image 100 x 100 pixels to use as your background tile.

You now have a top image and a background image for a Christmas page - or at least you have the know how to make one. :o)

Various link buttons can be made from different sections of the graphic by feather selecting different characters.

Tutorial © colour-by-numbers designs
October 2002.
All Rights Reserved