So, someone has sent you an email and you love the stationery so much that you want to know how to save it the easy way?

Outlook Express makes this very easy to do. Please make sure when saving someone elses stationery for your own use, that if it has been created as linkware that you keep any copyright message with the stationery!

Open up your Outlook Express and find the email with the stationery you want to save.

Click on the 'Forward' button at the top of your OE, as if you were going to send the message to someone else.

Now delete all of the message, so you are left with just the stationery (Please if this is linkware, make sure you leave any copyright messages on the email!) Most email stationery created as linkware has the copyright entered into the HTML file, but if there is a link on the stationery itself, leave it attached.

Now make sure you have deleted the title of the message from the 'Subject' line. Otherwise each time you use this stationery, the 'Fwd: Message' will appear in the Subject line.

Okay, once your email is clean you can save it. Click on 'File' at the top of the email, and scroll down to 'Save As Stationery' and click on that. Your Stationery folder window will appear with all of your other stationery files.

If you know the name of the creator of the stationery, it's always wise to include their name in the 'File Name'. With any stationery I create, I usually save it as 'Kaysea - Stationery Title'. But the choice is yours, but make sure its a name that will describe the stationery, eg: 'Kaysea - Faded Butterfly' would be the name I would give stationery created to look like the header on this page.

Once you have created the file name, click 'Save', and the Stationery is there for you to use. However it won't immediately appear if you click 'Create Mail', to make it the default you would have to go to the 'Tools | Options' menu, and make it the default in your 'Compose' window. It is however, available if you click on the tiny arrow next to the 'Create Mail' tab at the top of the OE window.

Click on the small arrow now, and you will see a list of email stationery options, you will see the new stationery you have just created, appears at the very top of this list. There should be a default list of up to, the 10 previous stationeries you have used. This gives you some choice as to which stationery you would like to send next.

If the stationery you would like to use isn't listed, scroll to 'Select Stationery' and your stationery folder will appear in a window. To view the stationery, check the 'Show Preview' box and you can click on each name listed and the stationery will appear in the preview pane.


If you want to use blank stationery, you will find that selection in the 'Create Mail' list as well.

If, when you have saved your stationery and go to use it, the background colour has changed back to the default white, you will need to alter the HTML code in the file. You can find the instructions on how to do this, Here.

I hope this tutorial has helped you, if you have any questions feel free to .

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