Your taskbar is handy to have customised with your most often used tasks in PSP it makes the more repetitive tasks easier. Changing from PSP 7 to PSP 8 you will notice a big difference in the way you choose your favourite tasks, as each is listed under its own menu header.

Open up PSP 8 and click on | View | Customize | then click to open.

Go to the Toolbars tab and click on it, view the Standard toolbar by ticking the box next to it.

Now go back to the Commands tab, you will see a list of the different menu tabs there. Clicking on each menu label will reveal the different commands listed in the window opposite.

The first three commands that come as a default setting: New, Open and Browse are the same three you will find listed as the first choices under the normal File menu tab.

One of the first commands I add to the Standard toolbar is 'Save As', since I frequently save two copies of the same graphic, one in PSP format the other as a JPEG. Before flattening all layers in a graphic to save as a JPEG, I keep all layers seperate and save in PSP format so that I can change/alter the graphic later if need be. Especially handy when making personalised calling cards or stationery.

To add a command to the taskbar, all you need to do is left-click the command you would like to use, and drag it up to the Standard toolbar where the New, Open and Browse commands are. You can place the commands icon anywhere along the Toolbar.

The more you use your PSP program, the more you will discover your most frequently used commands, you can always add new commands to the toolbar at any time. Below you will see the most frequent ones I use.

Until you become familiar with the different icons and the commands they're associated with, it is an idea to keep the labels visible. To do this, once again open | View | Customise | and then go to the Toolbars tab. Highlight your Standard toolbar again, and then check the little "Show Text Labels" box. You will see a description of each icon in the standard toolbar appear on the toolbar.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful as an introduction to PSP 8. If you have any questions - please contact me

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