So you've just purchased PSP 8 and you would like to import all those old custom settings from PSP 7, that you have become so used to using; eg: your tubes, brushes, shapes, etc. And you don't want to have to copy and paste them from one folder to another - or even have to go searching in the old JASC folder. Am I right?

That's okay, you don't have to, it's easy in PSP 8 (and 7 for that matter) to import all your settings from one edition to the next. Saving time and headaches for all. Follow me...

Select | File | Preferences | File Locations | and a small box will appear.

In the first window you will see listed all of the different folders you can link from one program to another.

In the second and larger window will be listed all the possible file locations.

You can add, delete and browse from this window to add your old PSP 7 files so that they can be accessed from PSP 8.

I have only recently set up my PSP8 again after a reformat, which as you can see means I don't have even my Plugins Folder recognising anything in PSP7. So walk with me, and I'll show you how to link them.

First we go to the File Types window and select Plugins from the list of options.

The we move to the choices at the top of the following window, and deselect the .8b? option, as some of the plugins do have different extensions and we want them all to work - yes?

Next click Add and then Browse and a list of your program files in JASC PSP 8 will appear. If you still have PSP7 installed - scrolling up to that file will show a little + next to the folder. Click on that and the folders in PSP 7 will appear.

Scroll down to your Plugins folder and highlight it, then click Okay.

You will now have a second entry in your Plugins Locations which will point to PSP7 as well.

Your plugins folder in PSP will now display many more of your programs than just the two issued with PSP 8.

Below are some of my most frequently used Plugins:

  • Eye Candy 3
  • Eye Candy 4
  • Flaming Pear
  • Graphics Plus
  • Greg's Factory Output Vol's I & II
  • Simple Filter
  • Texturizer
  • Toadies
  • Xenofex 1.1
You may find links and downloads to the programs on the PSP7 tutorials pages, for various lessons. They are all invaluable to me, and I'm sure they will become so to you as well. ;o)

I hope you have found this tutorial useful as an introduction to PSP 8. If you have any questions - please contact me

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