The gold leaf you see above was placed over the graphic but was created with a mask of a textured pattern I created myself.

Right click on the background (gold) graphic here and save it to your my docs folder. It's called bg.jpg - you can change it to gold.jpg or whatever make sit easier to find?

Obtain the mask for this tut here. (It is one of Sharon's - the URL is provided at the bottom of the page - I just didn't want you all distracted LOL)

Unzip and save the mask to your masks folder in your PSP program. You'll be using it shortly.

1. Open an image that you would like to use/create a framed portrait of. (The one above and below is of my oldest daughter at 18 months old.)

2. I altered the photo with Graphics Plus | Old Photo, to start with.


3. Select the colour you would like your frame to be, in your colour palette. Place it as your background colour not your foreground. Then go to 'Images | Add Borders | 5' (ensure 'symmetric' is checked), Click 'OK'.

4. Using your 'magic wand' (no feather) select the background border that has appeared. Then go to 'Effect | Plugins | Eye Candy 4 | Marble' and insert your chosen colours into the two boxes for back and fore colours. Click 'OK'

5. Go to 'Effects | 3D Effects | Inner Bevel' and use these settings:

6. Go back to 'Images | Add Borders | 5' and hit 'OK'. Select this area with your magic wand. Then flood fill it with the gold.jpg.

7. Follow step 5 again.

8. Repeat steps 3 through to 7 again.

9. Go to 'Images | Add Borders | 10' (ensure 'symmetric' is checked), Click 'OK'. Select with your magic wand.

10. Flood fill this area with your original chosen background colour, then keeping the area selected, go to 'Effects | Textured Effects | Blinds' and follow these settings.

11. Go to 'Images | Add Borders | 10' (ensure 'symmetric' is checked), Click 'OK'.

12. Select this background border again and once again 'Effect' with the marble - then inner bevel it.

13. Next - press shift-d to create an identical image, flood fill this image with the gold background from this page.

14. 'Selections | Select All | Modify | Decrease | 10' then 'Image | Crop to Selection'.

15. Now you go to 'Masks | Load from Disk'. Your PSP folder should appear - go to the Masks folder and find 'SNframe27.msk' click on it - then click ok, now your gold image should be a frame. Go back to 'Masks | Delete' and click on yes. This will remove the invisible parts of the mask.

16. Copy the frame and paste as a new image onto your main graphic. Go to your palette layer and duplicate the gold frame layer. Hide your main picture and making sure on of the fold frames is selected go to 'Layers | Merge | Merge Visible'. View your main graphic in your layer palette again, and you should have a lovely gold filigree over the picture.

17. Making sure the gold is selected in the layer palette go to 'Effects | 3D Effects | Drop Shadow and use these settings:

18. Merge/Flatten all layers and your graphic is finished. Using masks can be fun. Once you have the hang of how they work. Always remember that when using masks, you must always delete the mask once it has been applied - otherwise the unseen part will affect the overall graphic.

Oh! You want to see the one I created with the new graphic?

I also added and played around with the filter - Greg's Factory Output Vol II | Pool Shadow, to get a shadowed effect all over.