This would have to be one of my all time favourite plugins! And I'm so pleased to finally be able to share it with you. I'm not really going to give you a tut on it, more show you what effects can be achieved.

Graphics Plus has 30 different techniques available for you to use. Most have more than one effect - depending on the tabs and sliders you can use within each effect. This page will be graphic heavy because I'm going to show you a sample of each effect below, with the name it is known by. Then you can go and play with it yourself and have a ball doing so!

Some of you may recognise certain effects from backgrounds I have created for birthday and celebration pages - these options can now be yours as well.

Here's the original pic.

Black Out
Border Fade
But Bevel 1
But Bevel 2
But Bevel 3
Cross Shadow
Cut Glass
Horiz Mirror
Instant Frame
Metal Border
Old Photo
Page Curl
Panel Stripes
Pin Wheel
Quick Sepia
Quick Tile 1
Quick Tile 2
RGB Noise
Spot Lite
Star Lite
Tinted Glass
Vertical Blinds
Vertical Mirror
White Out

Now what's the good of me showing you what it does, if you don't have it?

Download Graphics Plus and install it in your Plug Ins folder. (It will take a short time, approx 5mins on a 56k modem, to download as it is a 785kb file.)

Remember the program won't appear unless you install it before opening your PSP program.

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