For this tutorial you will need the following:

    Graphics Plus - install into your plugins folder.

    Simple Filter - install into your plugins folder.

    The image you would like to create the stationery from - for this tutorial I am using Kayomi's art.

All graphic files used in this tutorial have been optimized for faster download. The haziness of some of the graphics may be due to the amount of optimization.

Open up your chosen image. Make sure the image is no deeper than 150px - if it is, resize and sharpen the image. The original Kayomi I used measured 259px x 173px, so I resized it to measure 194px x 130px.

Duplicate the image twice (shift-D) and close the original work.

On your first copied image, on the Layer Palette, highlight the background layer and right-click 'Promote to Layer'. Using your lasso tool (feathered to 20 and anti-alias checked) draw an outline around the image, then 'Selections | Invert' then press the delete key on your keyboard. The following image (or something similar) is what should have now:

Once this has been done, deselect the 'ants' then 'Effects | Plugins | Simple | Top Bottom Wrap'. This will be the margined area of your stationery. Save your work now - 'ctrl-S'.

Activate your second image, double-click on the background layer in the Layer Palette and adjust the 'Opacity' to 25% then click 'OK'. Then flatten the image 'Layers | Merge | Merge All'.

With this image use 'Effects | Plugins | Graphics Plus | Emboss', repeat this then, 'Effects | Plugins | Simple | Quick Tile' and your image will now be tiled to a seamless pattern.

Activate the 'margin' image again, then 'Effects | Plugins | Graphics Plus | Emboss', then repeat.

Activate your margin image again, then increase the canvas - 'Image | Canvas Size' - ensuring the height stays the same, make the width 1400, and don't center the image.

On the colour pallette, activate the foreground 'style' and make it show 'patterns'. Click on the pattern that shows, then find the second image in the window that pops up - activate this.

Create a new image layer on the 'margin' image, then flood fill it with the new 'pattern'. Then drag this layer beneath the first on the layer pallette. You can now flatten the 'margin' image. 'Layers | Merge | Merge All'. Your image is now ready to save as Stationery. (Image cropped for viewing.)

When using this stationery you will need to make sure when using the stationery wizard that you want the font to be bolded. There is a box to be checked on the 'Font' page of the wizard.

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