Start with a transparent image 400 x 400.

Click on your shapes tool and have the following settings:

Draw a circle/oval in the middle of your image - making sure you have atleast 50 pixels all around to work in ;o)

Choose your text tool then click on the circle - anywhere as long as you see the little A with the curve beneath it. The text will always appear at the top of the image. Enter your text then right-click to drop it on the first raster layer.

Okay - having said that - how do we get the writing on the bottom so it doesn't read upside down?

follow me :o)

Add a new raster layer - dragging it under your vector layer then select your 'vector' layer (in your layer palette); go to 'Image | Mirror' - you probably won't see the shape move at all but it has. Now click on your text tool again and enter your text and then flatten to the nearest raster layer.

To make it evenly spaced use your kerning count in the text box to add space between the letters; and to drop the text lower or higher than the original - add or subtract from your leading count. (I use variations from -20 to 20 on either of them to get an effect. This one below is: Kerning = 25 Leading = -10)

Looks messy? Simple.

Go to 'Images | Flip' - then - 'Images | Mirror'. Then adjust the writing to where you'd like it to be, left click to merge it to the layer and add your graphic image as a new layer. You can now mess around and decorate your text with drop shadows or bevels. Add your background and Viola!

Curved Text

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