Today we're going to put curved text around a graphic! Open up the type of graphic you would like to create - for today I'm going to create the header for a birthday page. You can save the graphic I'm using to your hard drive if you like - to make it easier to follow, the choice is yours.

This image isn't big enough to fit the text around it so we have to enlarge the canvas. Go to 'Image | Canvas Size' and enter these co-rodinates - remember I resize all the images here to assist in quicker download - so your area will be larger.

Now you have to choose your background layer. So go and choose something to blend in well with the graphic. This will be a childs set once I have finished, but suitable for adults as well. Remember to drag the background beneath your main graphic, and always check which layer you are on.

Once that is done - select your line drawing tool, and make these selections on your 'Tool Options Palette'.

Then draw a straight diagonal line across the graphic. Click once approximately in the area I have the 'first click' - then a 'second click' where I have indicated. You should have a curved vector line across your graphic, now, see images below.

Add another raster layer - then drag it below the vector layer on your tool pallette but above your main image. Choose your text tool, and hover it over the line you just created you will see a little cursor appear like this one. Click on the line where you'd like your text to be centered. Choose your font, size and colour; including anti alias, but do not select vector here. Just normal text. Make sure you have your text centered in the text box, so it will sit along the line correctly. Click 'OK' and your text should appear along the line as in the view below. Add your drop shadow or bevel now - then 'right click' and when the box comes up asking if you want to drop to nearest raster layer - click yes.

Go to your 'Tool Options Pallette' and delete the vector layer. Then add another raster layer.

Go to the bottom of your image, and once again using your line drawing tool, draw a straight line across, clicking to make a wave effect on your line - as below.

You can adjust the depth of the line to however deep or narrow you would like the waves. Just click on the 'nodes' and pull in the direction you wish. (See arrows in the diagram)

Using your text tool - once again find the 'A' with the curve under it, and click. Adding your text. Add your drop shadow or bevel to the lettering before 'right clicking' and dropping it to your blank raster layer.

Having each section of graphic and text on different layers is easier than having them all on the one layer - simply because you can move everything around to have it sitting the way you want it. As you will see from the image below I have moved the graphic image as well as the text around on the image box until I have it sitting the way I'd like. Experiment with your layers!!

Shaped Text

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