For any of you who have ever tried to make your own tubes - you are gonna LOVE this tut!!! It's so jolly easy - its scary!!

Download this file NOW! (see I'm jumping right in! LOL)

Open it in your PSP program. *G*

Click outside the actual graphic with your magic wand. Then go to 'Selections | Invert' to make the 'ants' march around the graphic itself. (This is a graphic I drew myself - so there's no copyright problems **winks**)

Click on your 'Brush' tool, and go to your Tool Options box. Click on the little black arrow to keep the tool options open.

Now look for this little icon , and scroll down to 'Custom'.

You'll see a new brush from the PSP brushes which came included in your program displayed in the little window.

Double click on the picture and another little box will appear - click on the picture (in the second box) once and a selection of the Jasc brushes will appear.

You'll also see a few choice buttons in this little box.

The one you want is 'Create'. Once you have clicked on that - my little graphic will appear in black and white in the small window.

How's that for easy??? So simple it's ridiculous!

Not a very flattering pic of me - but then hey! what is? *VBG* (And green really isn't my colour :-\ ) This is just to show you what can be done with brushes!

Have fun creating your own brushes - its heaps easier than tubing - which will come along a little later in the tuts.

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