There are many ways of creating your own textures, but by far the easiest for the beginner is using the Texturizer Plugin. Download this first.

Now we're ready to begin. Open up your PSP after installing the texturizer to your plugins folder.

Right-click and save this image to your hand drive.

Open the image in your PSP, then shift-d it, and you'll have a duplicate image appear. Close the original.

Double left click on the rectangle selection tool, and a box will appear - enter these coordinates in.

  • Left - 100
  • Right - 200
  • Top - 50
  • Bottom - 150

then 'crop to selection' from the 'Image' tab.

Go to 'Effects | Plugins | Graphics Plus' and look for 'Kaleidoscope' to click on. A box will appear - move the sliders along to achieve these coordinates:

  • Divisions - 218
  • Rotations - 53

then click 'OK'. The image below is what you should now have.

Go to 'File | Save' and go to 'C Drive | Programs | Jasc Software Inc | Paint Shop Pro 7 | Textures' and save the image as 'floral.psd' as in the image below.

Believe it or not you now have your very first texture hidden in your computer!

The next bit is really basic.

Open a new image 100 x 100, and flood fill it with the colour of your choice.

Go to 'Effects | Plugins | Texture | Texturizer' and a box will appear as in the image below:

On the box - click on the arrow next to the little white window where it currently says 'canvas' and scroll down to 'load texture'.

It should open in your textures box in the Jasc folder. If not - scroll through the directories until your textures folder is open and find your floral.psd file.

Click on 'Open' and then enter the following settings:

  • Scaling - 100
  • Relief - 20.

(You can adjust these to your own preferences - but I wanted to be able to display the graphic fully here.)

Your graphic should now look like this:

The following background textures can be viewed in small pop-ups by clicking on the graphics to get an idea of what they look like as background tiles:

And there you have it! You now know how to create your own textures!

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