Animation Time!!!


Go to 'File | Jasc Software Products | Launch Animation Shop'

Click on the top toolbar on this little icon. Just under the 'File' tab.

Now follow these prompts: ( There are six large images downloading -please be patient - they have been reduced to save loading time)

  • Same size as the first image frame.

  • Transparent canvas colour.

  • Upper left corner of the frame
  • Fill with the canvas colour
  • Scale frames to fit

  • Yes repeat animations indefinately.
  • 15/100th's - 20/100th's for best results

  • Click on 'add image'

  • When using an odd number of frames - I always add an extra one of number 'two' at the end so it blends better.

  • Click on the 'add' button and find your first image - '1' - double click, then go back and select '2' and then '3' - then go back and add '2' again. So you have four files loaded. Click finish. And you will have a slide with four images on it.

    Go to: 'View | Animation' and you'll see a window pop up with your animation there. Now when saving always try to adjust it yorself for the best effect - as you do with your normal gif's, and if you're unsure always magnify to see how the pixels show up.

    Finished product ...


    ...told you I was a romantic ...

    Preparing the Globe

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    October 2002.
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