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Tag Glossary

Here are a list of the most frequently used tags in most homepages, with a simple explanation for what each is used for.

<html>     </html>

These tags have to be the first and last on your page - every page.

<head>     </head>

The HEAD tag must be on every page as well, set out as in the pages you viewed during the tutorials.

<title>     </title>

The TITLE tags, are echoed on your taskbar button and tell you what the title of your page is, in this browser, if you look at the bottom of your screen you will see
Colour By Numbers Web Design -
if you highlight it with your mouse.

<body>     </body>

Apart from the HTML, HEAD, and TITLE tags, all of your tags should be situated on your coding page between the <body> and </body> tags.

<p>     </p>

Separates your page into paragraphs

<br>     </br>

Gives you a line break

<b>     </b>

Makes you text appear bold

<i>     </i>

Italicizes your text

<u>     </u>

Underlines your text

<a href="">     </a>

Creates a hyperlink between pages

<img src>

Tells your browser to display a graphic

<font face="">     </font>

Tells your browser which font to display

<font size="">     </font>

Tells your browser what size you want your font to be

<font color="">     </font>

Denotes which colour your font will be displayed in

<center>     </center>

Denotes where on each line you text will be displayed. (The default setting is always left of the page)


When included within the <p> tag will make the line of text align to the right of your page

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