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How many times have you opened someone's page in your browser to have one of these things happen?

  • The writing jumps off the page and blinds you - Like This - and after a while, if you stayed on the page, you ended up with a headache.

  • Or, the writing became so small you could hardly read it - like this - and once again you ended up with a splitting headache.

Choosing a pleasing font is always hard, but finding one that others can view as you intended when you coded the page, is even harder.

There are very few fonts, that all computers will have included in standard packages, but basically the main ones are:

Arial Black
Arial Narrow
Arial Rounded MT Bold
Bell MT
Berlin Sans FB
Comic Sans MS
Times New Roman

All of these here have been shown to you at 3 point setting. Or if you were coding them, they would appear as:

<font face="NAME OF FONT" size="3">

The higher the number, the larger the font. But basically they go from size's 1 - 7.

To change the color of the font, you simply:

<font face="NAME OF FONT" size="3" color="hex color code">

The best way for people to see your page the way you want them to, including the font you designed it in, is by zipping the font/fonts, and including the zip file on your index.html page. You invite people to download your zip file and install it on their computer, in their fonts folder.

To do this is simple. Once again its coding your page so the browser will deliver the fonts. Of course you will also need a good zip program such as WinZip. You can download a thirty day free trial of the program, of course after that time you will need to register and pay for it. You can download WinZip here.

Once your font has been zipped and loaded to your server (make sure it is loaded into the same folder as your index.html page) the coding for people to access it is:

View my page as I intended you to see it, grab my fonts <a href="">here</a>.

Okay - that's it. For now I have written as much as you probably need to know to get your own page up on the web for all to see. Over the coming months I will update the pages, and add things here or there if I see the need or am sent a request. Eventually I will have an FAQ page up, but that won't happen until someone sends in a question or two.

I hope you have enjoyed these tutorials - if so, let me know by leaving a message in my guestbook to let me know you were here. Once your page is up, please come back and let me know where it is, and I'll come and sign yours.


Kaysea :o)

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