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The following is a list of the basic fonts contained in the Windows Fonts folder on your hard drive. You may add to these, but the fonts marked in red must never be deleted, lest you want your PC System displays to go ka-ka.
These fonts are displayed at 12 pt - just to give you an idea of their appearance.

Abadi MT Condensed Light
Arial *
Book Antiqua
Calisto MT
Century Gothic *
Comics Sans *
Copperplate Gothic Bold *
Courier *
Lucida - Console
Lucida - Handwriting
Lucida Sans Italic
Lucida Sans Unicode
Marlett - Marlett
Matise ITC
MS Sans Serif
MS Serif
News Gothic MT *
OCR-A Extended
Small Fonts - Small Fonts
Symbol - Symbol
Tempus Sans ITC
Times New Roman *
Trebuchet MS *
Verdana *
Webdings - Webdings
WingDings - Wing Dings

The above fonts indicated with an asterisk are part of a family of fonts, these can be normal, bold, italic or varieties such as serif and sans serif.

There are literally thousands of sites on the web that have downloadable free fonts available. Some are heavy with ads, so its handy to have an ad blocker installed on your PC when downloading. The best way to search is via Google, I prefer to go to the following sites - as I know they are trustworthy and the webmasters ensure that all fonts available are free to use, and not stolen.

The Font Garden -
Simply The Best Fonts -
Fonts for Kids -
Teachers Parking Lot -

If you find a valuable font site that you would like to share, please feel free to contact me for it's inclusion on these pages.

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April 2004

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